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Hands on airway training for medical professionals
Paramedics, emt's, Physicians, Nurses

we offer intensive hands on cadaver intubation skills labs
you will bag and mask, intubate, and depending on your scope of practice you may also be inserting LMA's, use video laryngoscope's, among other skills necessary to secure an airway

Study: Experience matters in out-of-hospital intubation. Patient survival linked to volume of past procedures performed by rescuer

Reuters Health Medical News

Intubation Study Overview

By Art Hsieh, EMS1 Editorial Advisor

This article provides support to the theory that the greater the proficiency of the clinician, the higher the survival rate of his or her patients compared to another practitioner with less proficiency. In the article, the researchers used the number of successful intubations performed by an EMS provider as a marker for proficiency. They find that the greater the number of successful intubations completed by the paramedic, the greater likelihood of a patient surviving from medical cardiac arrest and nonarrest situations.

NEW YORK — Experience matters for out-of-hospital intubation during a cardiac arrest or a medical illness, a new study shows, with patient survival linked to the volume of procedures the rescuer has done in the past.

In general, experience didn't seem to matter for out-of-hospital intubation of heart-beating trauma patients, but it did make a difference for certain subsets, its authors say.

According to the report in the February 8th online issue of the Annals of Emergency Medicine, cardiac arrest patients treated by a very experienced rescuer (>50 intubations) were 48% more likely to survive than those treated by a rescuer with low experience (1 to 10 intubations).

With medical non-arrest patients, the corresponding benefit was 55%.

Stephen Garber MD has been practicing anesthesia for over 25 years in Southern CA, and is the director of Advanced Airway Concepts. He is an advanced airway instructor for non anesthesia personnel, and an airway instructor at the Paramedic program at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo CA.

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"This email is really meant more as feedback on our day at the cadaver lab than anything else. Our time at the lab was one of the most valuable hands on days we had throughout the entire semseter. I'm sure it's not easy to arrange but I hope you're able to continue to provide it for future classes. Dr Garber's instruction at the cadaver lab definitely improved my technique........."
                                                    Matt.........paramedic student
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